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JDRF’s Outreach Program offers personalized support to families, adults, and teens living with type 1 diabetes (T1D). Our goal is to provide information and resources about T1D, diabetes research, and how best to manage and cope with this disease during each new phase of life.

Online Diabetes Support Team

Email is often the most convenient way for people to communicate with one another, so JDRF also offers online support. The ODST is made up of many compassionate volunteers who know firsthand the ever-changing demands of living with T1D. Contact us with your questions, and we will respond within 48 hours (we are not medical professionals and therefore cannot give medical advice). For ongoing support, we can then match you with a local mentor.

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T1D Toolkits

From starting school to planning a pregnancy, JDRF offers a number of downloadable toolkits to help you live your best life with T1D.

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Bag of Hope

For the newly diagnosed (within six months of diagnosis), JDRF offers the Bag of Hope, a free bag filled with a comprehensive collection of educational and support materials. These materials include Rufus, the bear with T1D, a blood glucose meter, a carbohydrate-counting tool, books, videos, and more.

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T1D Care Kit

For newly diagnosed adults (within one year of diagnosis), JDRF offers the T1D Care Kit, a free sling-style bag that includes a blood glucose meter, Adult Type 1 Toolkit, patient education information, money saving coupons, an inspirational book, and CalorieKing book.

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